Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


University Students' Entrepreneurial Characteristics from Various Variables

Author(s): Sukardi, Burhanuddin, Hamidsyukrie ZM

The development of entrepreneurial characteristics of university students in Indonesia has become an important instrument to strengthen the competitiveness of graduates. Therefore, one objective of this study is to analyse those characteristics from various variables, such as: gender, field of study, GPA (Grade Point Average), and entrepreneurial intention. The sample of the study includes 310 students, which were selected using cluster random sampling based on science and technology field of study and social science and humanities field of study. Data collection instruments used five-point Likert-type scale of five entrepreneurial characteristics (need for achievement, risk-taking propensity, innovativeness, internal locus of control, and pro-activeness). The data were analysed using comparative analysis which was preceded by analysis’ requirement tests. The result shows that male students are better in taking risks and being innovative, while female students are better in matters related to internal locus of control and being proactive. Innovativeness, pro-activeness, and the needs for achievement are stronger in science and technology student group. Almost all entrepreneurial characteristics are possessed by the group of students with high GPA. However, there is no difference between students with high level and low level of entrepreneurial intention when it comes to innovativeness and pro-activeness characteristics. Thus, it is suggested that those variables are to be considered in the teaching and learning, as well as in the researches of students’ entrepreneurship-related problems.

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