Journal of International Business Research (Print ISSN: 1544-0222; Online ISSN: 1544-0230 )


Value Compliance Implications for Listed Insurance

Author(s): OlawaleiNurudeen

The change in accounting rules is as a result of the weaknesses of Nigeria GAAP and low telling to people/making known needed things. IFRS reporting has more statements to people than Nigeria GAAP especially for banks. Under Nigeria GAAP related to managing money legal documents have not been classified as in IFRS. This study therefore, examines value relevance of IFRS 7compliance statements to people and the comparability between high and low following the law/doing as you're told) of listed insurance firm in the Nigerian Stock Exchange from 2012 to 2018. The study uses price Ohlson Model (1995) to establish the degree to which the accounting information of firms influences the share price figuring out the amount of money something is worth. Combined strong and healthy OLS was used to analyse the data pulled out or taken from something else from the published once-a-year related to managing money reports of studied listed insurance firms in Nigeria. The result of the findings shows that book value per share and telling to people/making known has positive and significant relationship with price per share in the first model. Results also point to/show that both earnings per share and book value per share have famous and important power in deciding/figuring out share prices in second model, but the individual effect to deciding/figuring out share price point to/show that the book value per share played a more and more large/relatively large role in projecting share prices than that of earnings per share. compared to something else, we get that book value is positively and related to numbers more value clearly connected or related than earning per share in second and the third models. In line with the findings.

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