Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)

Research Article: 2023 Vol: 26 Issue: 2S

The needed skills to prepare professional and successful electronic business enterprenures

Anfal Al Rashadah, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Khaled Alotel, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Renad Alomran, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Mohammed Alshaiban, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Mahmud Maqsood, University of Bahrain

Hoda Mahmoud AboAlsmh, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Ibrahim Tawfeeq Alsedrah, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Zahra Afridi, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Citation Information: Rashadah, A.A, Alotel, K., Alomran, R., Alshaiban, M., Maqsood, M., AboAlsmh, H.M., Alsedrah, I.T., & Afridi, Z. (2023). The Needed Skills to Prepare Professional and Successful Electronic Business Entrepreneurs. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 26(S2),1-8.


Background: With the development and advancement of Internet networks in the recent times, a large percentage of the world’s population is attached to these networks in all disciplines of life, and a new layer has emerged in the field of supervision and entrepreneurship called and known as digital entrepreneurship, which is formed in old and traditional entrepreneurship, which benefited greatly from the new advanced technology. On the other hand, specialists define them as new projects that use digital skills and capabilities to further improve business operations. Aim: In our study, we will aim to show how electronic communication sites and the Internet have helped in promoting digital entrepreneurship. Methodology and design: As for the methodology, the research will follow the quantitative approach, which depends on collecting information from sources and references, Tool and sample: the questionnaire as a practical tool. Then, analyze the statistical data through using statistical tables. The research sample will be a group of young people in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Results: It is certain that social networking sites support entrepreneurs in keeping pace with their digital work. Owning a website is not what makes you a digital entrepreneur from day to day, but rather patience and efficiency.


Entrepreneurship, Electronic Business, Economic Growth.


Entrepreneurship has turned into the most important sectors through which new economic tasks occur through research conducted in the field of development, manufacturing and marketing of the goods and services that have been reached, and as these processes contribute to raising the success rates of the leadership projects that participate in Developing economic growth and development and creating job opportunities. All of this is through the development and improvement of personal capabilities and capabilities to offer and present directives and instructions to them on a large scale in order to activate and implement their knowledge and creativity (Yrle & Walsh, 2004).

We are now living in the most intense and advanced stage of development and progress which is very promising and wonderful in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a country that fought wars and overcame major stages during the past few years in order to be a dynamic and developed tour. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the largest population in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. It also has a very high rate of young consumers who continue to be productive and creative. We predict positive and effective results that will appear on the environment and the economy on the other hand, with 29 million people, with an annual progress and prosperity rate of approximately 3.3%. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia still represents a good and welcome market to benefit from (Danish & Smith, 2012).

In Saudi Arabia, there is an overwhelming success achieved by digital entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia, led by research indicators, and its presence at the heart of telling media stories about success and successful people such as Hatem kameli. Digital entrepreneurship is the latest born in the age of technology and it describes how entrepreneurship will change through digital technology. It thus includes all new ways to find clients for entrepreneurial projects. To design and deliver products, services etc., (McAdam & Harrison, 2018).

But the subject is not that easy, as there are many skills and qualities that any digital entrepreneur must possess. There has also been significant influence played by electronic communication sites and the Internet has helped in promoting digital entrepreneurship. This is what will be addressed and explained in this research.

Statement of Problem

The problem of the study revolves around the fact that not everyone who owns a website is a digital entrepreneur, but rather there must be training to acquire many qualities and qualifications necessary to discover and develop and make the Internet a safe and suitable place for doing business, creating a spirit of initiative for everyone and thinking In a long-term dynamic way, success and achievements do not happen suddenly or by chance, of course, but rather it takes some time and dedication to work (Hernández et al., 2009; Hossain, 2018).

Therefore, the research problem can be formulated in the main question: what are the Needed Skills to Prepare Professional and Successful Electronic Business Entrepreneurs?

Therotical Model

Difference between Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship

Definition of entrepreneurship: As for the concept of leadership in the field of business administration, it is the title given to those who establish a project through which they contribute to the economy by providing added efficiency, in addition to including the concept of administrative leadership for those who manage various resources so that they contribute to the presentation of a new innovative project or something new and do not monopolize the workers In large projects and organizations, the concept of leadership, where managers and pioneers offer new goods or work to build a production line, or new companies are built, and managers must work well on managing limited resources to ensure the continuation of the new activity (Burdus, 2010).

The Importance of Entrepreneurship

Small and medium enterprises always occupy an important and influential space in any economy, whatever its size. Certainly, supporting and developing them is inevitable and will positively affect the interest of the country, society and citizens, and certainly also that any failure in this task will negatively affect the economy and waste many gains on the state. Whether it is at the level of local competition between enterprises or at the level of providing and enhancing real development opportunities, hence the importance of paying attention to small and medium enterprises and the need to facilitate and overcome all the difficulties and obstacles they face and push them to compete in the market by strengthening the spirit of teamwork and providing direct financial financing from the state and its institutions or from private sector institutions.

Financial and economic experts have unanimously agreed that bolstering financing in its various forms poses great difficulties and challenges, as they estimated the current financing rate at no more than 5% of the total financial financing provided to industrial and commercial establishments in general, which requires cooperation and stimulus from the government for its financial institutions to Raising the financing rate for small and medium enterprises 20% by 2030 in line with the developments witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the plan of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, especially since that vision includes programs and initiatives that aspire to establish a number of funds called venture capital.

Digital Entrepreneurship Definition

The exact definition of digital entrepreneurship is still being researched and this may be due to its novelty, or because it is multifaceted. But what can be confirmed is that with the development of digital technology, the form of investment and business in the new world will change. The challenge today is to better prepare entrepreneurs for the digital world. Perhaps the most prominent examples of digital innovation over the past two decades are Airbnb (the sharing economy), Amazon (e-commerce), Google (the search business), and Facebook (social media).

Digital business is defined as the process of using technology to create new evolution in business models, customer experiences, and capabilities that support core operations. The concept of digital business includes digital brands, implementers and entrepreneurs who transform their businesses and projects through the use of modern technology represented in digital technologies (Meepung & Pratsri, 2022).

So the Difference between Entrepreneurship and digital Entrepreneurship revolves around that Digital entrepreneurship relies heavily on digital technology, to build, launch and grow businesses, digital entrepreneurs focus on digital commerce, and this commerce is considered a subset of e-commerce, which is used to identify companies that create digital products and services that are marketed, delivered and supported over the Internet, represented by In providing e-books, online learning, communication sites, downloadable computer programs, hosting websites and other services that are done in digital form.

Digital Entrepreneurship Requirements

Digital entrepreneurship focuses on products and services that can be provided over the Internet, so entrepreneurs should enhance their presence on the Internet, create a website and accounts on social networking sites, provide knowledge, and ensure participation, development and creativity in work, as a prerequisite for success (Richter & Giselbrecht, 2017).

Digital entrepreneurship is the ideal choice for groups that prefer to work online, especially as there are global statistics indicating that the total number of network users around the world is about 4.5 billion people, which is a great opportunity to promote e-commerce. Despite the easy access of the product to these users, the pioneer may need a lot of efforts to study the general nature and study of these people, and how much time do they spend searching for the product within the electronic stores?

In this regard, a large number of economic experts expected that digital entrepreneurship will witness significant progress during the next five years, with the presence of more than 150 million consumers in the Arab world and the Middle East for e-commerce. It is expected that the volume of this trade in the Arab world will reach about 45 billion dollars during 2022, so digital entrepreneurship is the ideal choice for anyone who is thinking of looking for an additional source of income other than the Internet.

Needed Skills to Prepare Professional and Successful Electronic Business Entrepreneurs

Initially, a digital entrepreneur needs to have a computer and an internet connection to start this business, but in addition to this tool, there are some Needed Skills to Prepare Professional and Successful Electronic Business Entrepreneurs that are essential and essential for you to shine and stand out from the competition, including:

Specialization: It is common to find a group of people studying for a certain period of time and thinking that they know everything about that subject, ignoring that knowledge, tools and equipment are constantly changing, especially on the Internet. Therefore, effort and thought must be devoted to a specific and clear goal, and time of the day should be devoted to studying this topic and taking advantage of the underlying changes and keeping pace with them.

Promote the product professionally: Despite the large number who use the Internet, there are a lot of products that are promoted on these networks, so any digital entrepreneur should think in a different way in order for your product to reach the most number of Internet users.

Make important and dangerous decisions: This important fact of the digital entrepreneur must be well taken into account, because entrepreneurship is synonymous with the term: taking responsibility. An entrepreneur is someone who at any given time is at risk of making an important decision. This decision may have a great impact on his entrepreneurial work, so he needs to think, be patient, evaluate the available options and alternatives, control tension, be patient and courageous, and then make the decision.

Risk management: In business management, the person in charge of the project or work will face many obstacles, and he must have certain capabilities and skills related to entrepreneurship, which must be available in the business or project owner, and the most important of these skills is the ability to face risks and work to solve them. In 2016, and within one month of the release of Samsung’s most famous and most important product, the Galaxy Note 7, many customers encountered a problem, which was the problem of the battery exploding, and this was a difficult problem faced by many customers.

This problem that the Samsung Corporation faced can be faced by many other institutions, and it will not be by solving the problem quickly and sincere communication with customers, and the way in which institutions deal with the problems facing customers is the one that evaluates the failure or success of the institution in the near future. Owners of projects or those in charge of business must register the expected damages that can break into the project or institution unexpectedly, and the institution’s work team should be able to face problems with innovation and creativity, and institutions should have great alternatives and choices and even address the problems facing customers, because all These procedures limit the negative effects of disasters and problems, and a skill such as risk management works on two main axes: anticipating their occurrence and drawing future plans, and working when exposed to their occurrence.

Have communication skills: The business owner or entrepreneur needs to establish successful and effective working relationships, with customers, employees, and suppliers, in addition to competitors, and this is only done by having effective communication skills, which are among the most important capabilities that an entrepreneur can possess. When any entrepreneur possesses these skills, they are considered factors that qualify for success and achieving profits for the organization, because the entrepreneur will need effective and fruitful communication with others for some of his ideas, beliefs and plans regarding the organization, and to provide him with an opportunity to contract with investors and clients for better and stronger offers and have the skill of strong influence on workers and employees, until appropriate solutions emerge.

The digital entrepreneur must also have attractiveness in effective communication that depends on the development of many skills, which are as follows: listening skills, persuasion, good effective communication, quality of decision-making, quality and development of writing and recording skills, reading body language and using voice effect, and negotiation skill In perfect presentations, summarizing skill, ability to manage crises, anticipating customer needs, having positivity and other capabilities……etc.

Technology has helped by means of great ways that help entrepreneurs possess many communication skills such as. Smartphone applications, e-mails, phone calls, video calls and many modern methods of communication. The entrepreneur must know the ways of dealing with modern technical problems in addition to other capabilities and awareness of all means of communication methods.

Data Collection and Analysis

Method and Design

As for the methodology, the research will follow the quantitative approach, which depends on collecting information from sources and references, and the questionnaire as a practical tool. Then, analyze the statistical data through using statistical tables. The research sample will be a group of young people (male & females) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Data Collection

The researcher will collect sample opinions about the extent of the Internet’s contribution to supporting digital entrepreneurship and indicate the most important qualities necessary for a successful entrepreneur. After that, the researcher will analyze the responses through the statistical analysis programs Excel to measure the correlation coefficient(Table 1).


1. What is your gender?

a) Female

b) Male

2. What is your age?

a) Under 20.

b) 21-25

c) 26-30

d) 31-35

3. What is your experience in digital entrepreneurship?

a) 1-3

b) 4-8

c) Above 10

Table 1
Analysis Of Statistical Data
  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Prefer
Not to Say
Social media helped me a lot in marketing my entrepreneurial services            
I can market my products and services much easier through the Internet            
Patience is a key to starting a digital entrepreneur            
The website is the only element that will support the success of your online entrepreneurial business            
I need to be skilled in marketing and promoting my products            

Data Analysis and Discussion

To verify the validity of the questionnaire, the researcher relied on a method called internal consistency, which is based on calculating the correlation coefficient between each variable of the questionnaire and the research as a whole:

The Contribution of Websites to Entrepreneurship

It is noticed from Table 2 that all the correlation coefficients for all the positively-signed expressions are statistically significant at the level (0.01), which indicates that all the expressions have good internal consistency sincerity with their similar dimensions.

Table 2
Correlation Coefficient Of Each Statement Within The Contribution Of Websites Axis With The Total Score Of The Social Media Entrepreneurship Axis
Question No correlation coefficient Question No correlation coefficient
** There is an indication at the 0.01 level
1 0.765** 3 0.894**
2 0.717   0.913**

Axis Patience and Promotion Skills

It is noticed from Table 3 that all the correlation coefficients for all the positive-signed expressions are statistically significant at the level (0.01), which indicates that all the expressions have good internal consistency sincerity with their similar dimensions.

Table 3
Correlation Coefficient Of Each Statement Within The Patience And Promotion Skills Axis With The Total Score Of The Successful Digital Entrepreneurship Axis
Question No correlation coefficient Question No correlation coefficient
3 0.959** 5 0.931**
** There is an indication at the 0.01 level

Axis of Risk Management

There is a positive correlation between risk management skill and digital business management with a ratio of (0.012) Table 4, as the entrepreneurial leader must have a set of ideas that he uses and implements in times of crisis.

Table 4
Positive Correlation Between Risk Management Skill And Digital Business Management
Question No correlation coefficient Question No correlation coefficient
4 0.769** 2 0.894**
** There is an indication at the 0. 012 level

Axis of Risk Management

There is a positive correlation between communication skills and digital business management with a percentage of (0.78) Table 5, as the entrepreneurial leader must have a set of communication skills, which are as follows: listening skills, persuasion, good effective communication, and quality of decision-making, quality and development of writing and recording skills, and reading the body.

Table 5
Positive Correlation Between Communication Skills And Digital Business Management
Question No correlation coefficient Question No correlation coefficient
4 0.90** 2 0.890**
** There is an indication at the 0. 98 level


It is true that the characteristics of both digital entrepreneurship and traditional entrepreneurship and how they are related are complex and important to understand in this digital age. However, they are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they share a great deal of characteristics such as innovation, unique opportunity formation, and self-employment creation through prospects based on the entrepreneur's drive to succeed. I believe that digitization will lead to the formation of additional horizons.

On the one hand, digital entrepreneurship is seen as an essential pillar of economic growth, job creation, and innovation. As for traditional entrepreneurship, it can be defined, in its simplest form, as self-employment. On the other hand, digital entrepreneurship includes entrepreneurial endeavors that occur on a digital platform as digital entrepreneurs rely on digital media tools and information technology in pursuit of entrepreneurial horizons.

Digital entrepreneurship overlaps with the traditional concept of entrepreneurship in the sense that it includes a group of participants who are constantly developing and possess their competencies, aspirations and special and different goals.

Many studies have proven that entrepreneurship is a key factor for economic growth as well as for reducing unemployment. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, it is very necessary to understand all the concepts related to entrepreneurship. In order to meet the competition in the market and achieve your goals, so every entrepreneur has to update his business with the changes that occur in the tastes and preferences of customers as well as in the market. Sometimes it is necessary to use some modern digital technologies and soft tools to communicate with customers and also to increase the value of the product. In this sense, digital entrepreneurship plays a vital role in enabling the entrepreneur to perform all activities accurately and effectively.


Among the most important recommendations that we recommend to digital entrepreneurs are as follows:

1. Save a lot of time in implementing your dreams and projects.
2. Arrange your tasks like a computer does.
3. Don't wait for the right moment or the tools needed.
4. Rely on the best tools in carrying out your tasks and organizing your time.
5. Know the right way to start your business with the lowest possible risks.
6. Behave with your team as a mother acts with her children.


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Received: 07-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. AJEE-22-12821; Editor assigned: 09-Nov -2022, Pre QC No. AJEE-22-12821(PQ); Reviewed: 23- Nov-2022, QC No. AJEE-22-12821; Revised: 30-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. AJEE-22-12821(R); Published: 07-Dec-2022

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