Allied Academies

Academy of Educational Leaderships
Award for Innovative and Creative Education

This award recognizes a university or college program, department, school, or academic organization for innovative and creative education. The unit will be awarded an engraved plaque during the awards ceremony of an Allied Business Academies Conference. In addition, the unit's name will be added to the roll of outstanding units which the Academy maintains.

Any academic unit or academic organization is eligible for consideration. A unit may not win the award more than once.

The criteria for recognition include:

The on going delivery of outstanding instruction and education,
The practice of innovative and creative education,
The extraordinary support and fostering of outstanding education.

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To be considered, a member of the Academy must submit a nomination package which includes a description of the unit, its mission and vision, and a description of its creative or innovative educational support practices.
The candidacy package should be emailed to:

Academy of Educational Leadership Awards Committee
in care of the Allied Business Academies Executive Director

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