Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


An Empirical Study on Workplace Happiness amongst Academicians in West Bengal

Author(s): Milind, Sumit Kr Biswakarma, Mousumi Mukherjee

Happiness at workplace has been a popular topic in the last two decades in both business and academic contexts. Organizations try to figure out the determinants that play a significant role in inducing workplace happiness. A happy and motivated employee will bring in out positivity at the workplace. In the education sector, the academicians have a vital role in shaping and creating competent graduates. To deal with vast energetic younger generation patiently, there is a requirement of academicians who are happy and motivated in teaching/mentoring. Thus, institutions are very apprehensive about concerns related to the happiness of their employees and concentrate on the issues that affect the happiness at the workplace. Institutions who want to excel and incorporate a healthy learning environment for their students require skilled and effective academicians in their kitty. Hence, they need to ensure the motivation and happiness of their workforce are at the highest levels. The present study tries to discover the dynamics which determine the workplace happiness of academicians. A questionnaire was developed and circulated to academicians to four departments of a private institute located at Durgapur and Kolkata. A total of 158 respondents were part of the study. The workplace happiness of academicians was assessed based upon Individual and Workplace Factors. All the measures used for the study were taken from validated studies and found reliable. Data was analysed using SPSS Version 20.0. Analysis was conducted using descriptive statistics (mean, percentage analysis) and inferential statistics (correlation, reliability and regression analysis) to measure the impact of variables on academician’s workplace happiness. The findings of the study will assist the institutions and policymakers to better understand the factors influencing academician’s workplace happiness and designing suitable policies to ensure productivity and great atmosphere for teaching-learning

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