Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6328; Online ISSN: 1528-2643)


An Exploration of the Educational Situations in the Philippines from the Lenses of the Basic Education Teachers During the Year of Covid-19 Pandemics

Author(s): Rommel Pelayo, Rissa N. Alovera, John Mark S. Borbon, Armida B. Calizo, Kindercare Llc, Bethoven Filomeno Glendina Laureano & Diana Dj. Rivera

With the interest to explore the educational situations in the Philippines from the lenses of the Basic Education Public School Teachers contextualized by the OECD future of schooling and ADAPT framework, the researchers were able to identify these situations drawn from surveys and interviews. Explanatory research techniques combined the quantitative and qualitative approaches were utilized in the process. Linguist discourse analysis was used to support the results of the survey conducted over 595 respondents. Caution has to be taken when interpreting this research as the views were taken from the selected samples drawn from the snowball technique and cannot be generalized to the entire public school teachers of the Philippines. Research findings revealed that that access to resources and digital infrastructures, and the promotion of a collaborative environment are identified as opportunities viewed that prepare teacher for the future of schooling. However, promotion of authentic need-based education, promotion of safety in the use of the internet, and lastly phenomenizing the curriculum are factors that are considered as antecedents to the future of schooling. Researchers suggest that teachers' education and training be intensified by enhancing teachers’ competencies in digitalization and e-safety; and strengthening collaboration through a contextual and meaningful professional learning community as support to the teaching profession

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