Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Analysis of Syariah Credit Card from Islamic Economic Perspective: Evidence from BNI Bank in Indonesia

Author(s): Abidin, Kaharuddin

 The need for credit cards is currently influenced by two factors: 1) Excellence:simple and special discounts and rewards. 2) Easiness: money reserves, facilities and buy now pay later. BNI Bank is the first state-owned bank issuing Syariah Credit Cards. This product of PT. BNI Syariah Bank consists of three agreements: Kafalah, Qardh, and Ijarah.This study aims to analyze the implementation of Syariah Credit Cards at PT. BNI Syariah Bank Branch of Paluon the Islamic economic perspective. The research method is a qualitative method. Data obtained from documentation, observation, and direct interviews with the bank organizers. The findings denote that implementation of Syariah Credit Card at PT. BNI Syariah Bank Palu branch is started from the customer's request till the approval of the issuance of Syariah Credit Cards in accordance with Islamic economics perspective. Therefore, the implementation of Syariah Credit Card at PT.BNI Syariah Bank Branch of Paluis concluded to remains on the corridor recommended in Islamic economic.

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