Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Bibliometric Approach of Business Intelligence as Technical Infrastructure to Enhance the Organizational Performance, Competitiveness and Decision Making

Author(s): Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

Today’s rapidly changing business environment needs effective business information systems in organizations. Business Intelligence (BI) practices bring together operating data with analytical instruments to offer intricate and useful information to developers and decision-makers. The purpose is to enhance the appropriateness and excellence of inputs to the decision-making process. BI is applied to comprehend the abilities existing in the organization; the state of the art, tendencies, potential trends in the markets, the know how’s, and the monitoring ecosystem in which the organization participates; and the activities of the rivals and the connotations of these actions. Several studies have been conducted that have examined the role of business intelligence in improving organizational performance, enhancing competitiveness, helping to make decisions, reduce costs, and many other factors. Current study sheds light on previous studies linking business intelligence systems and organizational performance and competitiveness in different sectors. This study relied on many studies that were carried out in this field during the years 1998 - 2021. About three thousand three hundred forty (3340) articles have been conducted in this field during the mentioned period were criticized to achieve the purpose of this study. These studies are almost categorized into six different areas that measure the role of business intelligence in improving them: Competitive advantage, cost reduction, critical success factors, decision-making, organizational performance, and sustainable growth of organizations. This study suggests conducting more studies to show the role of business intelligence systems in improving the performance of various sectors, especially service sectors”.

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