Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Combining Strategic Management and Transformation Processes in the Environment of International Companies

Author(s): Dina Tereshchenko, Olga Nikolaevskaya, Olha Borysenko, Kostyantyn Tkach,Svitlana Filyppova

The article is devoted to the issue of organic combination of strategic management and transformation processes and changes in the current activity of international companies. Level blocks for providing strategic management of corporate transformations have been formed and the determining criteria for strategic effectiveness of international companies activity in the process of organizational changes have been identified. Modeling of conflict-free combination of corporate control and corporate management tools during ownership transformation has been carried out. Corporate transformation should be understood as the process of organizational and economic transformation of IC, in which the composition of legal entities-holders of corporate rights changes (as a rule, the composition and structure of shareholders of a corporation). The main types of corporate transformation should include: corporate integration, spin-off and corporate division. It should be noted that transformations are abrupt changes in IC activity leading to a radical restructuring of the system of production and market activity of the corporation. Authors recommend block based on the scientific concepts of that the development of the ownership structure requires adequate development of the organizational structure of the company, and not only by a method of separation or integration, that is, the use of transformations, but also in the context of providing the most favorable structure for carrying out the set tasks.

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