Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Community Engagement: An Integral Component of CSR for Local Development and Sustainability of Palm Oil Industry

Author(s): Siti Amaliya Mohd Radyi, Mohd Rafi Yaacob, Azwan Abdullah

Palm oil is consistently outperforming all other substitute vegetable oils in terms of the price and becomes an important food ingredient around the world. Malaysia is the second largest producer of palm oil in the world market. Meanwhile, the rapidly expanding global biofuel sector can grow into an important new market outlet for Malaysia. In order for the company to gain business profits through the palm oil industry internationally, there are detrimental effects on the element of CSR which involve natural environment, local community, stakeholder relationship and original country image. Moreover, many companies ignore the consequences from the deforestation and open burning where those activities are, in fact, the cause of global warming as well as severe haze that happen every year. Since this industry becomes the most important industry for Malaysian economic, the palm oil companies should ensure that their business activities sustain over the time in the global market. Most of the palm oil companies take into consideration of CSR programme as one of their business sustainability strategic management. Therefore, the CSR becomes one of the strategic initiatives taken by the company to address the issues related to palm oil industry. Based on the interview conducted, researcher illustrated the result in a form of model. This study indirectly will help companies and community to collaborate and to take care each other. 

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