Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Corporate Culture of Innovative Entrepreneurship.

Author(s): Ivan Bakhov, Viera Bartosova,Danylo Vankovych,Svitlana Filyppova and Mykola Merkulov

The paper deals with the peculiarities of forming the corporate culture for innovative entrepreneurial activity. The process of formation of corporate culture in entrepreneurial activity was presented, the classification of factors of corporate culture was improved, the primary bases of emergence, the status and prospects of corporate culture development in business were analyzed, its principles were systematized. "Corporate culture" is proposed to be interpreted as rules and norms of behavior based on material and spiritual values, cultural, ethical and social needs of employees to achieve entrepreneurial goals. We propose to implement the process of forming corporate culture through such stages as determining the priorities of corporate culture; formation of employee behavior; implementation of effective activity of innovative entrepreneurship and ensuring the interests of all participants of the sphere of innovative entrepreneurship. In order to ensure the formation and development of corporate culture, the principles of entrepreneurial corporate culture have been systematized on the basis of theoretical knowledge and own research, as a result, general and specific principles have been identified. The general ones take into account the most important features and characteristics of corporate culture. However, given that the corporate culture of innovative entrepreneurship is individual and almost repetitive, it is expediently to distinguish specific principles. They take into account the individual traits and characteristics of the given corporate culture and they are designed specifically for a particular type of entrepreneurial activity. Existing approaches to the assessment of corporate culture were analyzed, and corporate culture was assessed using current methods. According to the results of the evaluation, the method of corporate culture determination was proposed and the profile of corporate culture for innovative entrepreneurial activity was formed.

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