Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Corporate Entrepreneurship and Market Orientation of Lantern Makers in Pampanga Philippines

Author(s): Joan C. Reyes

This study was undertaken to determine the corporate entrepreneurship and market orientation of lantern makers in Pampanga, Philippines. The factors used to describe the corporate entrepreneurship orientation attributes are entrepreneurial intensity (risk-taking, innovativeness and proactiveness) and corporate entrepreneurial climate (management support, work discretionary/autonomy, rewards/reinforcement, time availability, organizational boundaries and culture. For market orientation, the variables are customer orientation, competitor orientation and technological turbulence. Most of lantern makers has an asset size from Php1-3 million, 1-9 number of employees and classified as micro enterprises. The findings show that there is a weak correlation between entrepreneurial intensity and corporate entrepreneurial climate and between entrepreneurial intensity and market orientation while a moderate correlation between corporate entrepreneurial climate and market orientation. After testing the difference between the corporate entrepreneurship and market orientation, there exists a significant difference according to number of employees. Having significant difference between corporate entrepreneurship and market orientation implies that lantern makers have their own ability on how to compete in a rapidly changing environment with the support of their employees. This study includes applied implications that are beneficial to future researchers and lantern makers operating in other regions of the Philippines. Given the limitations of this study, it is recommended that additional control variables to fully measure the relationships to the factors of entrepreneurial orientation can be conducted. It is also suggested that a similar research can be undertaken using the same variables but with improved methodological technique.

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