Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Covid-19 Quarantine and Consumer Behavior that Change the Trends of Business Sustainability Development

Author(s): Muhammad Tanveer, Shafiqul Hassan, Amiya Bhaumik,

Introduction: The corona virus is all having an impact on all fields of life. In addition to the IT market, the manufacturing, retail and food markets, chemicals, electrical products, rubber and chemicals, and office equipment are often compromised. Many technological firms are experiencing storage and network constraints and are unable to satisfy consumer demand there now. Due to COVID-19 it is great concern for the organizations, firms to sustain their business and development is a question mark.

Objective: The study tries to know the COVID- 19 and quarantine has influenced the consumer behavior negatively or positively and similarly if these ultimately making the sustainability of Business Empire in Saudi Arabia go downwards or not?

Methodology: In this study the researchers used quantitative and qualitative method to analyze the results and the reliability of the hypothesis were utilized. The questionnaire and interviews were conducted through by using email, phones and through by using social media. The analysis was carried out along with reliability and KMO test to check the certainty of the hypothesis and its impact on business sustainability, development and consumer behavior.

Results: The customer behavior was found very poor towards the business development as the presumption has been believed, and this weakens the market world economy in the region. COVID-19 keeps the customers at home but the demands are continuously rising online purchasing and home delivery. Conversely Because of reduced of purchasing because of not having much experience of online shopping and home delivery. Due to COVID- 19 people were very choosy to buy products that had great impact on business sustainability and development and consumer behavior were found negative.

Conclusion: Despite this outbreak several imports are delayed, which has further weakened the country's economy. Here, the research paper highlights the reality that corona virus has destroyed the company. While evaluating, it is specifically known that COVID has negatively impacted Saudi Arabia's industry and customer base as a whole. Many plants became closed, which created shortages in the labor force now need to explore new trends, techniques and innovations to alive the market. So there is huge need of business to kick off again to fulfil the business requirements and cover the damages.

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