Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Creative Business: Analysis of Creative Industry Value Chains for Application and Game Developers

Author(s): Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Ria Arifianti, Dian Fordian, Riswin Lubis

The research objectives are 1. How is the SWOT analysis from Agate Studio regarding the game sub-sector? 2. How to implement the value chain in Agate Studio. The method used is SWOT analysis. The result of this research is that the Agate value chain begins with the creation stage with the formation of Agate in 2009 in Bandung. After the formation of Agate in 2009, the next stage was followed by the production stage. At the production stage, the idea is the first step that is needed in making a game, then if the idea is approved, then a small team is formed to make a prototype. The small team consists of various positions, from storywriters to animators. When the prototype is finished, the games will be tested first on an internal tester, then if they pass, they will be launched and enter the third stage, namely distribution. In distributing, there is a final stage that Agate does, namely commercialization, namely marketing to increase brand awareness and use of games. Agate itself chooses to use techniques digital marketing in doing its marketing.

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