Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Criminal Law Policy to Foreign Prostitution in the Puncak Area in Refrigeration Criminal Law

Author(s): Mia Amalia

Foreign prostitution is one form of crime that is very difficult to handle. One of these prostitution problems arises because of the large number of tourists from Middle Eastern countries to the Puncak area in Cianjur regency and Bogor regency, followed by the many foreigners from Morocco who are called Maghribi women and from Pakistan called Pasthun. The purpose of this study is to analyze what factors that cause the occurrence of criminal acts of foreign prostitution in the region Puncak and how efforts made by the government in preventing and overcoming the occurrence of the crime of prostitution. The research method used in this article is a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques used is interview techniques conducted on 5 CSWs from Morocco and 5 CSWs from Pakistan. With analytical techniques developed by Straruss and Corbin. The conclusions in this study are the factors of prostitution due to economic factors, lack of strict legal arrangements, and the support of the local community. Efforts that have been made by the government to combat the practice of prostitution are: first, make arrangements as well as clear and clear sanctions in terms of migration for foreign nationals who became Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs). Second, change the legal system settings not only from the penal but also non penal. And thirdly, the government has budgeted funds for the economic empowerment of prostitutes so as not to fall back into the practice of prostitution.