Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Critical Analysis of the Indonesian Policy of Relaxing Child Inmates during the Pandemic

Author(s): Yahya Ahmad Zein

This study aims to find out the Indonesian Government's Policy in the Providing Assimilation and Integration Rights for Children During the Covid-19 Pandemic in the context of prevention and control of Covid-19 in the Perspective of Human Rights. The method used is the normative research method, where the primary legal material used by grouping several laws and regulations related to the research. This primary legal material is authoritative, meaning that it has the authority or results of actions or activities carried out by the competent authority. The results show that the Indonesia Government's policy to release child inmates through the assimilation and integration rights mechanism was an effort to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19. This policy regulates the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 10 the Year 2020 regarding the requirements for the assimilation and integration right for prisoners and child inmates. This policy considers high occupancy rates of Correctional Institutions; hence, they are very vulnerable to the spread and transmission of Covid-19. Granting assimilation and the right of integration for prisoners and child inmates during this challenging time in the human rights perspective should be based on the fulfillment of the right to health and the dissemination of information about the right to health. This policy is significant in carrying out effective remedies and optimal monitoring procedures.

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