Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Critical Appraisal and Analysis of the Bahraini Aviation Law

Author(s): Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat

Purpose: The purpose of the present paper is to add academic insights on the laws surrounding aviation industry in Bahrain and its due comparison with the internationally implemented standards. The author intends on providing the readers with a comprehensive understanding of the current position of the aviation law in Bahrain. Methodology: The paper focuses on a doctrinal approach by providing a critique and explanation to the legal implications and ramifications of the Bahraini civil aviation law. The Author has primarily referenced the statute for the Bahraini law and other published academic works for the international conventions. Findings: The Current law in Bahrain comprehensively deals with the aspects of licensing, safety standards, penalties and various other crucial and important factors that are factored in the sector of aviation. There is no present study pertaining to the analysis of the aviation law in Bahrain. When compared to other jurisdictions in the GCC or otherwise, the law in Bahrain does not lack any crucial point of consideration and adequately meets the well-established and widely followed practices and principles. Importance of Study: The study intends on providing the readers an insight into the civil aviation legislation in Bahrain. The paper intends on adding to the academic database pertaining to the study of the various Bahraini Legislations. Originality: The paper intends to contribute to the research related to the existing conditions of the laws relating to civil aviation while duly focusing on the present scenario in Bahrain. There is no study that is readily available regarding the position in Bahrain specifically despite of a plethora of material that discusses the provisions of international civil and commercial aviation on a general level. The Paper has also tried in drawing close relationships between the domestic legislation and the various regulations, mandates, conventions and requirements governing the same. Ethical Statement: The author hereby affirms that all the information provided in this paper is affirmative to the present legal position and in no way whatsoever seeks to claim or provide the reader with any false or misleading information. The author has also relied on prior sources from well reputed books and journals which have been duly cited as and where necessary. The author’s opinion where so ever added has been arrived at only after reading and duly understanding the current legal position. Data Availability Statement: The data used for understanding the jurisprudence in the present paper has been relied upon interpretation of the Civil Aviation Law which has been studied in detail from official websites of the Government of Bahrain as well as the official websites related to the ICAO.

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