Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Cultural Intelligence-A Model of Socialization of Self-Initiated Expatriate (SIE) Employees

Author(s): Beena Salim Saji, Anupama Nair

Objective of the study: This research examines the role of cultural intelligence and its components as a determinant of effective socialization of Self-Initiated Expatriate employees (SIE) in United Arab Emirates.

Methodology: Cultural intelligence questionnaire is used to collect data from 221 participants who are Self initiated expatraites who are employed in United Arab emirates. A purposive sampling method is used for the study. ANOVA and Structural equation modelling (SEM) is used analyse data.

Findings: The study proved that components of cultural intelligence- Meta cognitive, cognitive, motivational and behavioral cultural quotients among self initiated expatriates determines the cultural adjustment of the SEIs. Cultural adjustment mediates the relationship between cultural motiavtion quotient and behavioral quotient as evidenced in the model proposed.

Significance of the study: This study is one of the few done on SIEs cultural quotient which highlighted importance of cultural cognitive quotient of cultural intelligence and could propose a new SEI cultural intelligence path model.

Implications: UAE human resource managers should try to change cognitions realted to the host country culture by providing insights and knowledge while recruiting SIE and identify methods to interview and understand the level of cultural intelligence.

Originality: The paper adds to existing knowledge about cultural intelligence and offers an understanding about the same in United Arab emirates where there is very little research done on this important aspect.

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