Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Diagnosing the Relationship between Organizational Learning Mechanisms and Strategic Knowledge-An Analytical Study of the Opinions of A Sample of Faculty Members in Private Schools-Al-Diwaniyah

Author(s): Sanaa Saad Kadhim, Sanaa J. Kadhim and Eman O. Jasim

The topic of organizational learning mechanisms and strategic knowledge in recent decades has received prominent attention by most researchers. The problem of the study revolves around adopting organizational learning mechanisms in order to development of strategic knowledge among faculty members in private schools. That is, the goal of the current study lies in diagnosing the relationship between the mechanisms of organizational learning and strategic knowledge, by identifying the role played by (learning mechanisms to determine knowledge, learning mechanisms to absorb knowledge, and learning mechanisms to exploitation knowledge) as dimensions of organizational learning mechanisms, in the development of (organizational environment’ strategic priorities, organizational capabilities) as dimensions of strategic knowledge Thus, in order to diagnose this relationship, the opinions of a sample of (170) faculty members in private schools in Al-Diwaniyah were surveyed. The results were summarized to the existence of a correlation and a statistically significant effect of the mechanisms of organizational learning in strategic knowledge, which indicates the interest of faculty members in promoting learning mechanisms. To define knowledge, assimilate knowledge, and exploitation knowledge) in order to ensure the development and achievement of a balance among the sample members towards strategic knowledge.

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