Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Directions of Regulations and Management of the Financial and Banking Sector

Author(s): Serik Sultanbaiuly, Arsen Nasyrhanov, Yury Khan, Karlygash Kenenova, Ruslan Konuspayev, Assylbek Bazarbayev

The article examines the main directions of regulation of the financial and banking sector in the context of the crisis of the world economic system. The analysis of the current state of the banking sector is given: participation in the formation of the country's GDP, the dynamics and structure of total assets and liabilities in recent years. The main problems of development of banks in the context of a pandemic are revealed. An assessment of the current state of the lending activities of commercial banks in Kazakhstan is presented. The analysis of the influence of the banking sector on the development of the economy of Kazakhstan is carried out and its problems and factors that affect the current situation are identified, and a forecast for future development is made. Indicators of investment activity of the economy are given. Recommendations are given to improve the efficiency of the bank's management activities and the main priorities of stabilization measures of the Government and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan is highlighted. It is noted that the impact of investments in general is multifaceted. They can act as a tool for managing crisis situations and financial stabilization of the economy, play a significant role in solving strategic and tactical tasks at the macroeconomic level, such as combating inflation, reducing unemployment, restructuring, and eliminating the technological and managerial backwardness of the economy. One of the most important conditions for attracting investment and subsequent economic growth of the country is the creation of a favorable investment climate. The results of this work can contribute to expanding the boundaries of research on the development of the financial and banking sector, as well as serve as an analytical basis for further developments.

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