Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Economic Security Formation for Competitive Enterprise Based on Development of Innovative Potential of Its Staff in Context of Exchange Trading Problems

Author(s): Mishchuk Ievgeniia, Adamenko Maryna, Bondarchuk Olga, Riabykina Nataliia, Riabykina Yekateryna, Tkachenko Sergii

Mutual influence of exchange trade and level of economic security of enterprise has been revealed in research of article. It was proved that ensuring economic security of enterprises is impossible without highly qualified and innovatively active personnel. It has been formed methodology for formation of economic security that was based on assessment of current and forecast level of availability and movement of personnel with 5.0 competencies. General idea of use of competence-based approach in study of development of innovative potential of personnel of enterprise was formed. It was proposed to consider competence-based approach as management tool in system of development of innovative potential of enterprise personnel for acquisition, expansion, deepening of necessary competencies and formation of behavioral model of personnel in innovative activities in formation of enterprise economic security. Concept is proposed, within of which mission, goal, objectives, methods, directions and result of development of innovative potential of personnel of enterprise are determined on basis of competency-based approach. It was shown that using innovative potential of personnel; enterprises have opportunity to withstand existing challenges and threats of exchange activities based on existing economic security.

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