Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Effect of Community Engagement Strategies on Meningitis Control in Nigeria

Author(s): Salisu M. Sagagi, Bamidele S. Adeleke, Anthony O. Ude, Nwanneka C. Ghasi, Steve U. Amoga

This study examines the effect of community engagement strategies on meningitis control in Nigeria. The study specifically assesses the effect of policymakers’ involvement of traditional rulers on accountability of meningitis control programmes, and also it ascertains the effect of policymakers’ collaboration with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) on the sustainability of meningitis control programmes in Nigeria. The study utilized a survey design to gather relevant data from relevant stakeholders and community members from north-western states of Nigeria. Questionnaire designed on five point Likert scale was used to gather data from the sampled respondents. Findings show that there is a positive relationship between involvements of traditional rulers and accountability of meningitis control in Nigeria. It further reveals that collaboration with CBOs cannot sustain meningitis campaign in Nigeria since the result indicates a negative relationship between collaboration with CBOs and sustainability of meningitis control programmes. Based on the findings, it was recommended amongst others that community engagement initiatives in Nigeria should be a two-way process, where suggestions and views of the community members should be considered and included in the campaign. It is also advised that traditional rulers and religious leaders should be fully involved and consulted in the campaign planning process and implementation for managing meningitis issues.

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