Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Effect of Training and Development on Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Public and Private Hospitals in India

Author(s): Rimjhim Jha, Devendra Kumar Pandey, Anil Singh Parihar

Introduction: The healthcare industry in India is growing at very fast rate. Increased income level, changed lifestyle, increased growing rate of population is few major reasons for this. Organization, especially hospitals is facing competitive challenges to achieve the organizational goal. In this study, HRM Practices and Job satisfaction level in various Private and public hospitals were studied

Objective: This research is conducted to study the Training & development related practices and the level of job satisfaction of nurses in private and public sector hospitals of Gwalior and Chambal Region. The study also aims to analyse the impact of training & development on Job satisfaction in private and public sector hospitals of Gwalior and Chambal region.

Originality: Very few studies are conducted to analyse the impact of Training and development on Job satisfaction of nurses in Gwalior & Chambal region.

Material and Method: The research is based on primary data. Data is collected through self structured questionnaire. The study was conducted on 263 Nurses (171 from private hospitals, 92 from public hospitals) from various private and public hospitals of Gwalior and Chambal Region.

Results and discussion: Training & Development programs gives positive and high impact on Job satisfaction in both Private and Public sector hospitals. Applications: The study will be helpful for HR Managers and policy makers in hospitals and other organizations. It will increase the overall satisfaction of the employees of hospital industry. This eventually will be helpful to the end users in the society as a whole. Conclusion: If training needs are identified and fulfilled properly and regularly the employees learn new things to develop their skills that will enhance their job satisfaction. It is concluded that a well planned and well designed training program gives a satisfied and motivated workforce.

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