Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


E-Marketing Strategic for Jordanian Small Business to Increase Sale in Local E-Market

Author(s): Ahmad Al Adwan, Khaled Mahmoud Aladwan, Ahmad Samed Al-Adwan

Purpose: This paper aims to explore different ways through which Jordanian small businesses can raise their respective total sales by the use of local e-market. Some of the components of the conceptual framework include after-sale services, e-marketing budget, tools for online marketing, e-promotions aimed at improving marketing performance and usefulness of marketing. Design: The researcher developed and tested four hypotheses related to different aspects of the e-market business model. Testing of measures’ authenticity and hypothesis is usually essential. For accurate testing of both, confirmatory factor analysis and structured equations used respectively. Data collected from 110 general managers working in the marketing departments of small firms in Jordan. Findings: The study’s findings indicated that the young population between the ages of 22-35 years has acknowledged and they usually embrace the use of digital marketing as a cheaper and efficient way of buying not only goods but also services. The aged are reluctant to adopt because they are not well conversant with online marketing whereas others do not trust online purchases. The research results have grave effects on not only the marketing strategies but also the development in the implementation of online marketing in small Jordanian businesses. In this modern era, the use of traditional marketing strategies is fading away with the penetration of online marketing in the social media platforms, emails, blogs, and general troubleshooting engines. Originality: There exist a gap in research in the Jordanian market where most researchers have explored less into the relationship of e-market to the market structure and the small market enterprises and the effects associated with the arising trends in the e-market. The research will also look into the correlation of these parameters to government support and policies. Thus, this research will prove to be instrumental in filling this gap as well as opening the stage for more research to been done on the same line.
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