Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Employment as the Main Strategic Direction for Increasing the Income of the Population

Author(s): Galiya Akimbekova, Ruslan Konuspayev, Yelena Gridneva, Gulnar Kaliakparova, Roza Shokhan, Nalima Sartanova

Market research is carried out with the aim of obtaining data on market conditions to determine the activities of the subjects of the labor market. Without market research, it is impossible to systematically collect, analyze and compare all the information necessary to make important decisions related to market activities, market selection, determining market capacity, forecasting and planning market activities. In their study, the authors analyzed the trends and development processes of the labor market. The structure and geography of the market, the dynamics of employment of the population, barriers to the labor market, the state of competition, the current situation, and the size of the average wage by type of economic activity are also investigated. Forecasts of the development of the labor market, assessment of market trends, which are the main results of the study, are given. Labor force consumer research allows defining and investigating the whole range of factors that employers are guided by when choosing a labor force. The factors that influenced the structural changes in the development of employment of the population of Kazakhstan are determined. Correlation-regression models have been built and relationships have been established between indicators of GDP growth, industry, employment and wages. The results of the work carried out can contribute to expanding the boundaries of research on the development of the labor market, as well as serve as an analytical basis for further developments in the field of employment development in Kazakhstan.

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