Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Evaluating the Factors Influencing Customer Perception on Online Buying Behavior of Sub Urban People of Bangladesh

Author(s): Md. Al Amin, Sabiha Matin, Md. Rakibul Islam, Israt Jahan, Md. Hafizur Rahman

The research aims at analyzing the consumer online buying behavior of Sub Urban People of Bangladesh regarding the social media and online marketing platforms. The study, conclusive in nature, uses quantitative research methods and collected data through survey questionnaires by five Likert scales through online-offline basis from 285 respondents and in-depth interviews from 10 experts in this field having snowball sampling techniques. The relationship among the series of variables was done by sophisticated statistical tools including factor Analysis, regression, correlation, and hypothesis testing by t-statistics overcoming the limitations in the availability of data, financial problems, and time.

The researchers have found nine factors (Psychological factor, Personal Factors, Peer Influence, Web Influence, Brand Personality, Promotion, Environmental forces, Convenience, Process) which influence the Online Buying Behavior of Sub Urban People of Bangladesh. The relationship among the internal factors and processing factors are related; the external factors have also the correlated with processing factors (security, privacy or Trust issues) and positive Consumer Perception Or Consumer Buying Behavior is the results of this process factor which means psychological factor, personal factors, peer influence, web influence, brand personality, promotion, environmental forces, convenience factors generate Consumer perception for online buying behavior being loyal. The identified factors have significant relationship creating positive or negative consumer perception and convincing customers to purchase the products through internal factors & external factors which influence on security, privacy, and trust disposition attitude of the consumers. The organizations should not be focusing on ‘technologically’ only; instead, they need proper judgment on how consumers perceive their efforts in the process. The use of online marketing platforms has a positive perception in consumers’ minds.

The implications are to attract sub-urban people to use social media and other online platforms. Also, using online marketing platforms, a positive perception of the consumers can be understood by the companies. The research conforms to developing a new theory called Input Processing output (IPO) Model, methodological improvement, and practical implications of how organizations can capture the sub-urban as their customer through online.

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