Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Evaluation of Tourism and Ecotourism Development Components in the Development of Rural Women's Entrepreneurship (case study: tourism villages of Kerman province)

Author(s): Neda Baniasadi

The current research aims to identify the components of tourism and ecotourism activities in rural women's entrepreneurship based on the experts' point of view. In terms of the purpose, it was conducted as survey research. The current research is a descriptive and analytical study. According to the statistics obtained from the cultural heritage organization and the governorate of Kerman province in 2019, 370 are active in the field of tourism, and of these statistics, 219 women are active in the field of tourism and ecotourism, which was estimated to be 139 according to the Cochran formula. First, by reviewing the research literature, based on the opinion of experts, 32 factors have been extracted as the final factors of tourism and ecotourism on rural women entrepreneurs, which is the research tool of the questionnaire. The findings of the research showed that there is a significant relationship between the expansion of rural tourism and ecotourism in these villages and the entrepreneurship of rural women in the dimensions of knowledge and awareness, management capabilities, environmental and economic factors, advertising and psychological factors at the alpha level of 0.05 percent. There is no significant relationship between social norms and rural women's entrepreneurship. According to the results obtained from the factor analysis model and obtaining the points or factor load of each of the indicators, 6 interrelated indicators have an effect on the first effective factor on tourism entrepreneurship. Cultural factors such as "gender norms" are the most important factors

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