Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Examination of the Effect of TQM Implementation on Innovation Performance: An Assessment Study in UAE Healthcare Sector

Author(s): Ibrahim Al Eideh, Marouane Khallouk, Ala Albaqaeen, Ala Albaqaeen, Maryam Alawadhi, Talal Mouzaek, Umm Al Quwain, Said A. Salloum, Ahmad Aburayya

 Today, offering customers excellent quality is crucial to the survival of an organization and international competitiveness. Ideally, providing innovative quality enhances the satisfaction of customers and improves institutional productivity. Organizations are seeking to implement quality improvement initiatives, like Total Quality Management (TQM), to offer high-quality and innovative services to customers. This research paper's primary objective is to examine the determinants of adopting TQM in healthcare settings and gauge their impact on innovation performance. Self-administered questionnaires applying the drop-off tactic was used to collect empirical data. Senior healthcare practitioners completed questionnaires exploring two variables: innovation performance and TQM. The study analyzed 108 questionnaires out of the 250 questionnaires distributed, representing a 43.2% response rate. Inferential and descriptive statistical analysis methods were applied for data analysis using multiple regression analyses, Pearson correlation coefficient, and principal component analysis. This study's results support the positive impacts of customer focus, employee engagement, process management, organizational culture, top management commitment, and continuous improvement as independent variables on enhancing the innovation practices that improve general innovation performance as the dependent variable. Also, the study established that from the eight TQM implementation factors, customer focus has the highest coefficient value (0.374), thereby presenting the most significant impact on innovation performance. The study has contributed to the existing literature on the correlation between innovation performance and TQM implementation factors which can be used to deliver substantial knowledge to healthcare professionals to improve the TQM practices that they have and successfully enhance the quality of service and realize customer satisfaction.

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