Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Examining Employee Recruitment Success and Retention With Respect to the Recruitment System: A Case of Generation Z Employees

Author(s): Yacoub Hamdan, Ahmad Fathi Alheet

Generation Z comprises of more than 20% of the global employment, which makes it important to know and understand the needs of this generation. This research determines Gen Z's recruitment success and retention with respect to the recruitment system employed. Based on the data collected from 131 HR employees, it is observed currently social media advertising and the recruitment agencies use are the most employed methods of recruitment. The study finds mixed results regarding Gen Z's recruitment and retention success. Based on correlation analysis, it is observed that recruitment events and recruitment agencies have a positive relationship, while part employees' re-hiring and word of mouth, and have a negative association with recruitment and retention success. Future studies on the subject may evaluate more strategies, which can affect the employment of Gen Z employees.

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