Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Financial Technology between Reality and Application Developing the Incubating Environment and the Expected Role to Achieve Sustainable Development in Iraq

Author(s): Hendren Hassan Hussein, Hafedh Abdulameer Amen, Bushra Ashour Hachim

 Financial technology is the result of technological progress in the financial aspect of the global economy, as this technology has given rise to a new emerging financing face embodied in “start-up companies”, which represent a challenge for “traditional banks” in their banking services, in addition to that, they constitute a fierce competitor, which may It controls the banking services, especially as it relies on “artificial intelligence” and “smart phones”, and facilitates (the process of payment, trade and electronic investment), and it comes in line with the large and rapid steps of possible changes in the “financial system” and “global economic” after the Corona crisis and the call for Leave dealing with the paper currency that is believed to be (the main reason for the transmission of the Corona virus), so the research will answer for? What is financial technology? How does it work through its various sectors? And the reasons for the world resort to "financial technology"? And where will Iraq be in this new world that needs to get alternatives and needs to keep pace with global development in the field of (investment, capital movement and achieving profits with the least possible risks), in order to achieve “economic development” and “community development”.

But the question? What about the risks of dealing with financial technology? Then does the Iraqi economy and its financial and banking sector have the ability to overcome its risks, despite the many benefits, and does it have the ability to facilitate many complex operations and long transactions that are not without risks of fraud, fraud and threat of financial instability or the problem of financing terrorism and money laundering operations and those risks It can reduce confidence in the use of this technology.
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