Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Formation of Socio-Economic Value Orientations of Students in Professional Educational Establishments

Author(s): Svetlana Mnaydarova, Zheniskul Mnaydarova, Gulmira Mnaydarova

This article is devoted to the formation of student’s socio-economic value orientations in professional educational establishments. The research topic is determined by the contradiction between the increased demands of society and the state for training specialists with strong socio-economic value orientations, and by insufficient theoretical and practical status of this issue. Formation of college student’s socio-economic value orientations requires the use of an organizational complex that will promote the realization of Professional Educational Establishment (PEE) potential in training specialists with the necessary level of socio-economic value orientations. At the same time, formation of student’s socio-economic value orientations as a specially organized process of professional personality becoming of a specialist occurs under internal and external factors initiating rational, economically responsible behavior within the conventional social and ethical standards. Student’s socio-economic value orientations in PEE require special efforts to form them. Socio-economic value orientations are advisable to form while the student is studying in the professional educational establishment. We have considered the personification method used in relation to subject material and its impact on the formation of student's socio-economic values. The efficiency of this method is indicated. The main student’s socio-economic values are allocated.