Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Gis Base Supporting Muay Thai in Creative Tourism on Andaman Coast Thailand

Author(s): Nattada Srimuk, Pannee Suanpang, Titiya Netwong

Mauy Thai is becoming the new phenomenal in new normal tourism due to new face of traveling to Thailand that emphasizes the healthy and wellness to strong and creative tourism experience of travel in the local. The aims of this paper were (1) study the guideline for developing Geographic Information System (GIS) of Muay Thai gym creative tourism and (2) study the using of GIS of Muay Thai gym creative tourism. The research design using mixed methods for research methodology, it used both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The result found that: the behavior of tourists according to the study (1) Guideline for developing GIS of Muay Thai gym creative tourism include international tourist context and user’s requirement 1) accommodation, 2) travelling modes, 3) form of service provided, 4) the expenses 5) the attitude of tourists, 6) social media such as website, Instagram and 7) understanding about Muay Thai and expectation to win the championship of Muay Thai (2) The QGIS software used to develop geographic information for tourism including a bels and graphic, symbols categorization, identification, and visualization. GIS provide information about roads, location, operator, number of service personnel, business products, teaching course, the creative work of Muay Thai gym. The overview of opinions to using GIS of Muay Thai gym creative tourism is at a high level. Result of ensuring the suitability of geographic information of Muay Thai gym creative tourism from experts, the overall view is at a high level (X ??=3.44, SD. =0.50).

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