Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Guidelines for Thailands Textile Industrial Development for Sustainability

Author(s): Yothin Lueadthahan, Nilawan Sawangrat, Taweesak Roopsing

The purposes of this research were to investigate Guidelines for Thailand’s textile industrial development for sustainability among different sizes of businesses. The practice was expected to increase the management efficiency and to develop a structure equation model.Quantitative and qualitative research methods were employed in this study. The quantitative data were obtained from interviewing 500 accountable managers.

As results, contributing factors were established; Knowledge Management Factor, i.e. employee willingness to learn new skills; Resource Management Factor, i.e. motivating employees to act in accordance with the organization’s culture and values; cultivating a strong corporate culture; Technology Management, i.e. applying high speed internet connections for enhancing performance of textile manufacturing; Marketing Management, i.e. customer-centricity and maintaining a positive attitude among those involved from the beginning of production through delivery to the consumer. For hypothesis testing, no differences were found among business sizes and guideline concepts for strategic development of national textile industry towards sustainability.

The analysis of the developed model showed thai the outcomes were in accordance and in harmony with the empirical data and they passed the evaluation criteria. Chi-square Probability level, relative Chi-square, goodness of fit index and root mean square error of approximation were 0.138, 1.120, 0.965, 0.016, respectively (p<0.50).

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