Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


How Did Covid19 Increased Reliance on E-Human Resource Management: Jordanian Insurance Sector Case

Author(s): Mohd Ahmad Abdel-Qader

Current study aimed at measuring the attention that was given to E-HRM during COVID 19 pandemic the need to move towards managing the working teams virtually. Variables of E-HRM taken into consideration included (E-Recruitment, E-Training, E-Performance Management and E-Compensation). Through adopting the quantitative methodology, an online questionnaire was answered by (365) manager and employee within insurance sector in Jordan. SPSS was used to tackle and handle the gathered primary data, results indicated that now more attention is given to E-HRM practices after it succeeded in supporting internal operations of organization during the pandemic lockdown, and many organizations are welling to keep using E-HRM practices as according to tis convenient. Among the chosen variables of E-HRM; all managed to score a high and positive relationship to independent variable except for e-compensation which scored a medium relationship to COVID 19. Study recommended the need to reconsider human resource practices in the Jordanian insurance sector by intensifying training on managing remote workers and a mechanism for solving problems that may arise in a virtual work environment. Including that, study found out that operating virtually and remotely isn't enough; there is a must to automate the organizational culture not only its operations.

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