Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Impact of Warehouse Design and Operations using AR on Food Supply Chain

Author(s): Suhaila Abdul Hanan,Nur Farah Hanim Muhamad Zuki, Siti Naqiah Abdull Kher,

Thousands of studies might have been done over the augmented reality (AR) in various sector such as education, medical and retail and the limited information on the logistics and supply chain where the implementation of AR could be found. Logistics is one of the sectors that could be utilise the AR to maximum due to the nature of the supply chain process that require fast paced technologies to meet the demand and supply. This sector is vital in daily operations over every single process for the goods to meet the end user’s needs. Hence focusing on a smaller aspect of logistics and supply chain, one of the most crucial processes is inventory management that occur inside of a warehouse. Warehouse is not only able to handle the inventory but there are many types of processes that take place inside. To be able to achieve the goal of supply chain in efficiency the warehouse itself must be well prepared to carry out the whole process efficiently with the help of AR. Inside of a warehouse the entire production is exposed to many risks and from this management should be able to be foreseen the warehouse design and operations so that business does not need to change or find solution to expand in the future to meet rigorous demands. This research will go deeper on the warehouse design and operations through the AR world on the overall supply chain. The findings will enable everyone to understand the impact of it on the current proves that take place inside of warehouse and achieve the efficiency needed in supply chain.

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