Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Improving the Legal Regulation of the Quality of Judicial Officials in Kazakhstan

Author(s): Aidana Ospanova, Saule Amandykova, Saule Kapsalyamova, Meruert Muratkhanova, Dinara Osmanova

Purpose – This paper’s aim is a comprehensive analysis of the legal framework and the preparation of scientifically grounded recommendations for improving the formation of anti-corruption legal consciousness of citizens with the possibility of integration into the international scientific environment. Design/Methodology/Approach – The research methods that were applied to conducting this study include the systemic approach, experimental and statistical methods, and the methods of expert assessments which help develop a model for improving the legal institutions’ mechanisms for the development of anti-corruption resilience of citizens, in particular, the younger generation. Findings – The research shows that the developing specific mechanisms for the modernization of the anti-corruption legal consciousness of Kazakhstani citizens, especially the younger generation, by taking into account the general trends and patterns of modernization of the public consciousness in the society. The emphasis was placed on the special properties and characteristics of the positive aspects of national identity; and also, on universal mechanisms for organizing a positive professional culture of the younger generation with an emphasis on international standards. Practical Implications – Application of the systemic-structural method will allow to study the issues of ensuring anti-corruption legal awareness. The study plans to develop and apply a new methodology of social and legal modernization in the context of Kazakhstan and world experience. Originality/Value – The paper considers international mechanisms and national legal institutions for the development of anti-corruption resilience of citizens. As a main result, the paper offers new effective methods of combating corruption in Kazakhstan, formed in the formation process of anti-corruption legal consciousness of society.

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