Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Investigating Key Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Apparel Private Label Brands in India

Author(s): Sanjeevni Gangwani, Meenu Mathur, Anjali Chaudhary, Samira Benbelgacem

In a new retail landscape, retailers have realized that the most important engine to drive both growth and profitability is strategically building private labels. The study investigates key factors of consumers’ purchase intention of apparel private label brands (PLB). In this study private label brand refer to those brands which are exclusively sold by retailers. To understand the constructs under study, a consumer survey was conducted in major department store chains in Indore, India which are offering apparel private label brands. Primary data was collected by using a convenience sampling technique and after preliminary data screening, 654 valid responses were considered for data analysis and multiple regression analysis was applied. The research model of the study holds purchase intention being the dependent variable which is tested against independent factors including “consumer’s familiarity and affective perceptions, perceived quality, perceived value, and perceived risk perceptions of PLB”. The major findings of the study are that major factors of purchase intention of private labels are consumers’ familiarity and affective perceptions, perceived risk, and perceived value. The findings boast several valuable strategic implications for retailers and marketers. The study also outlines a new panorama for future research possibilities as there are quite a few promising aspects for further research.

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