Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Legal Application of Extra Ordinary Enforcement Model Against the Period of Criminal Acts as a Form of Legal Protection Against Victims of Children Under the Age of Pandemi Covid -19

Author(s): Nelvitia Purba, Mukidi, Marlina, Dedi Iskandar Batubara, Rudy Pramono

The cases number of violence against children that occur in Indonesia is considered an indicator of the poor quality of child protection. The existence of children who have not been able to live independently, of course, really needs people as a place of refuge for children. The low quality of child protection in Indonesia has drawn attention and criticism from various levels of society. One of reasons for the occurrence of child crimes committed by children is none other than the very rapid advances in technology, for example, internet access that has developed is being misused by some children to find pornographic sites where it affects a child's behavior. Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic virus, children's school activities have been carried out online, in this situation children's activities are more spend on the internet.

Methods of Data Analysis is carried out in a qualitative descriptive way, namely by describing, discussing, interpreting research findings with a viewpoint or approach in the form of normative and empirical juridical and drawing conclusions is carried out by deductive methods, namely describing general matters and then draw conclusions that are specific to the problems discussed in this study.


From the research results, it can be stated that protection for victims of criminal acts of rape, it is necessary to organize victim management which includes preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation as well as imposition of extra sanctions against perpetrators of child molestation. During Covid -19 pandemic, the crime of sexual abuse against minors continued to occur and even increased. The criminal act of sexual immorality against minors causes huge losses, therefore the perpetrators of these crimes are prosecuted in extraordinary ways (extra ordinary enforcement), namely by providing extra costs to the victims of this sexual abuse, namely minors, which is different from general public so that it can increase deterrent effect on the perpetrators of this child molestation.

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