Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Legislative Changes and their Impact on Marketing Communication: Evidence from Branding in Healthcare Sector

Author(s): Lubica Gajanova, Jana Majerova, Margareta Nadanyiova, George Lazaroiu

Under the influence of new trends and turbulent development of the internet usage in marketing communication, many legislative changes had to be introduced into the marketing reality - mostly those about personal data privacy. However, not only online marketing is experiencing flourishing legal regulation. Surprisingly, many traditional marketing concepts face to the new legal reality. One of such cases is the ban of involvement of public known person into the advertising activities of healthcare products in Czech Republic. Due to the fact, that Czech Republic is EU member state as well as serious opinion maker of Slovak legislatives, the impact of this regulation is international. Thus, the aim of the paper is to analyze possible scenario of transmitting Czech scenario into the Slovak legal and market reality. Similarly, on the research provided in specific Slovak national psychographic environment where similar legislative change is only matter of future, relevant conclusions applicable also in Czech environment can be stated. The reason lies in psychographic similarity of Hofstede's national profiles and common socio-political history of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Such an approach could be considered as cross-cultural research realized via methods of statistical hypotheses testing and internal consistency analysis of contingency table. The data were obtained by own questionnaire survey realized on the sample of 500 respondents during second quarter of year 2021. It has been found out that: 1) in healthcare sector, significant majority of consumers recognize only branded products; 2) the attention paid by consumers to the advertisements of healthcare products is growing with increasing range of disability of consumers; 3) majority of consumers react positively on the reference given by social group authority on the healthcare product and 4) the dominant category of recommending authority are doctors and erudite professionals who are in personal contact with patients.

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