Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Model of Human Resource Management and Development with Appropriate Strategies for Large-Scale Factories in Bangchan Industrial Estate in Thailand

Author(s): Ekkasit Sanamthong, Wattanasom Meksuwan

The research studied the model of human resource management and development with appropriate strategies for in Bangchan Industrial Estate in Thailand. It was conducted in the following processes: 1) studied the components of the model of human resource management and development and conducted in-depth interviews with 20 key informants 2) constructed a draft model and appropriate strategies based on the hypothesis model derived from the study in step 1 and 3) evaluated the model which consisted (1) leveraged connoisseurship from the nine experts to consider and conclude the model and (2) leveraged an assessment form to evaluate the correctness, appropriateness and feasibility.

The research revealed the following: (1) the model consisted of four main components. Component 1 “Acquiring of human resource” included 1.1) Recruitment 1.2) Selection; Component 2 “Human resource development” included 2.1) Orientation session 2.2) Trainings 2.3) Development; Component 3 “Retention of human resource” included 3.1) Compensation and benefit management 3.2) Environmental management in organization 3.3) Employee relations management; and Component 4 “Appropriate strategies for human resource management and development” included 4.1) Planning and management strategies 4.2) Teamwork strategies 4.3) Transformational leadership strategies (2) The draft model was correct, appropriate, feasible, and functional at the highest level in all components (3) The model was appropriate and applicable in the factories context.

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