Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Modeling the Influence of Digitalization in the Oil and Gas Chemical Sector On the Energy Efficiency of Russian Industry

Author(s): Marina V. Shinkevich, Elmira Sh. Shaimieva, Irina G. Ershova, Svetlana S. Kudryavtseva and Guzel I. Gumerova

The paper proposes the DuPont model construction technique for the petrochemical complex. The object of our exploration is the enterprises of the petrochemical industry. The subject of the investigation is the system of production and economic relations in the context of industry digitalization. Methods: descriptive statistics, the DuPont analysis, regression analysis. The Statistica software product was used as an analysis tool. The paper presents that the resulting effect from petrochemical industry digitalization will lead to the growth of energy efficiency, return on assets, which will affect the growth of income on the net worth of companies. Revealed the functional dependence of energy intensity of GDP from a decrease in electrical labor and increasing the use of the share of renewable energy sources as a result of the introduction of digital control technologies in the petrochemical complex. On the basis of the regression model, the parameters of influence on reducing the energy intensity of GDP were determined by reducing the electrical power of labor and increasing the share of energy resources produced using renewable energy sources at petrochemical enterprises, introduced in the process of digitalization of the industry; the use of simulation results will allow determining the energy efficiency of macro- and mesoeconomic systems. As well as individual business entities. The research will serve as a source for further elaboration of the issues of studying the phenomenon of digitalization of processes in order to increase the energy and resource efficiency of petrochemical enterprises and improve methods, tools and approaches for managing industrial enterprises in the context of the transition to the digital economy.

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