Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Obstacles Impeding the Process of Measuring the Importance of Human Capital Through the Exhibition of Knowledge Assets

Author(s): Marwan M. Shammot

This research paper talks about a significant subject spoke to in the human capital, which is handled as a cutting-edge ide which thinks about people's capacities, possibilities, and abilities as the foremost capital of present-day Organizations. Managing the job of "personnel undertakings human resources" is not any more limited to how to draw in, select, enlist, train labor force, and follow up their profession issues. Such job has changed in the light of the new impression of the human capital, which is recognized as: total people's perspectives, mastery, knowledge, innovativeness, energy, and eagerness towards their professions. It encompasses the intrinsic and acquired capacities of each individual and incorporates education, knowledge, training, experiences, talents, energies, creativity, and core competencies of organizations’ human resources. The paper likewise centers on the connection between human capital and knowledge. It shows a solid contact between the scholarly capital and the human capital which lies in the way that the scholarly capital tends to the organization's knowledge. Besides, it centers around development and imagination and persuades confronting difficulties and danger taking at work and looks to accomplish the upper hand through producing groundbreaking thoughts. The human capital is the sole asset that can accomplish this since its principle trademark is the assortment and variety of gifts and aptitudes, which require exceptionally experienced work force, different knowledge and quality capacities which are the primary segments of the human capital. Moreover, the exploration tends to the human capital as a novel source which is inimitable and difficult to copy and it additionally features the authentic phases of interest in human capital. At last, the exploration inspects the issue of estimating the human capital and its significance in the Organizations techniques to recognize their human resource and limits. In this specific situation, the measurement issues are recognized, the fundamental essentials and prerequisites are resolved, and the most applied measurements are finished up.

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