Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Opportunities of Using Integration to Improve the Qualification of Teachers: Traditional and Distance Learning

Author(s): Kozyar Mykhalo Mykolaiovych, Kozlovska Iryna Mykhailivna, Vovchasta Natalia Yaroslavivna, Savka Iryna Volodymyrivna, Stechkevych Oleg Orestovych

The article proves the urgency of the problem of teachers’ professional development in higher education institutions. An analysis of the resilience of the education system to potential emergencies in the field of education is carried out. The expediency of integration in the educational process is substantiated and specific examples of its practical use are considered. Aspects of formation teachers’ information competence in the process of professional development are revealed. Emphasis is placed on the development of various online courses on free open educational platforms (for example, Moodle and Learning management systems) as one of the leading tasks of modern educational institutions. The advantages and disadvantages of using distance learning systems are highlighted. The author's structure of the online course “Interactive Learning Technologies” for advanced training of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers is presented. The emphasis is placed on the importance of theoretical material (video files, screen casts, submission of material through webinars), organized practical tasks (with detailed instructions and evaluation criteria), development of test questions and feedback. A number of requirements are prescribed by taking into account the limited interaction (communication) between the teacher and students of the above course, including clear formulation of tasks, definition of assessment criteria, availability of illustrative materials, method of sending answers (file, text, links). There is given an example of one of the workshops of the course, which is performed by students after participating in a webinar and watching video lessons. The specifics of work in Moodle software, services and experimental testing of the effectiveness of the online training course “Interactive Learning Technologies” are covered and there are presented the opportunities for its improvement.

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