Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Perceptions of Academic Staff on Workplace Ethics in Higher Education Institutions

Author(s): Khalid Abdullah Alotaibi, Venkata Sai Srinivasa Rao Muramalla

Perceptional similarities of academic fraternity on workplace ethics at higher education institutions is discussed in this paper. Mainly the high disparities and proximities in perceptions referring to three variables of workplace ethics such as ethical compliance, fairness, and trust are deliberated. Survey of 115 teaching and academic administration staff at ten universities in Saudi Arabia revealed that the academic staff positively perceived the ethical practices at workplace that associated with the three variables. However, high discrepancy and less propinquity ensued in their overall optimistic perceptions. Extra high disparities in perceptions resulted with regard to trust at workplace than regarding ethical compliance and fairness. Teaching staff had few additional high differences on ethical compliance and trust. Academic administration staff highly differed regarding fairness related ethical practices. Both male and female staff spared high differences regarding trust related ethical practices. Those tenured less than 10 years largely more conflicted in their views on trust and ethical compliance. Whereas tenured 10 years or more exhibited few extra high variations on trust and fairness related workplace ethics. Conversely, great proximity in the opinions was experiential among the teachers and female staff with regard to three variables. No contiguity within the academic administrators and those tenured 10 years or more. Implication of this study is to realize and fetch the unanimity in the academic staff for the successful implementation of ethical practices at workplace to sustain the ethical work culture.

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