Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Performance quality of cloud manufacturing and its effect on the digitally shifting organizations: An analytical and theoretical study

Author(s): Namareq Latif Fenjan & Jinan Hassan Sahib

The digital shifting is opening a way to move from the traditional manufacturing into the cloud manufacturing in order to exhibit the materials as a set of services that can be used on a specialized basis. As the presentation of such materials need a comparison of more information and maximizing the competition power for the industrial organizations and present the manufacturing services and containing the more complicated jobs, the thing that leads to the digital shifting and invent a business model resulting into a revolutionary change in the consumers’ predictions and their behaviors and this made a perturbation in several markets. Our project has focused on a main theoretical problem, and it branches to many questions: Is there any quality effect after using the cloud manufacturing on the digital organizations? As for the most crucial objective that the research seeks to achieve, which is to find the integrative relationship between the quality of cloud manufacturing performance and the organization’s ability to digitally transform. The research focused on the importance of depending on cloud manufacturing as a new production philosophy capable of changing the future perspective of the manufacturing industry by moving from traditional manufacturing platforms production-oriented to service-oriented manufacturing platforms. The research was based on a key assumption that((There is a theoretical correlation between the quality of cloud manufacturing performance and the organization’s digital transformation)), the research consists of two main variables, namely the independent variable represented by the quality of cloud manufacturing, which consists of several dimensions (service, time, cost, reliability) and the dependent variable is the transforming organizations Digitally and consist of several dimensions (political, process, individuals, stakeholders, infrastructure) The field of application of the research It is possible to apply the research to all organizations that seek digital transformation through cloud manufacturing.

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