Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Problems of Re-Socialization of Citizens Released from the Places of Deprivation of Liberty

Author(s): Gulzat Zhunisbayeva, Sholpan Zabikh, Marina Chokina, Aizhan Ryssaldiyeva, Gulaina Osmanova, Nurul Mohammad Zayed

The authors describe the problems of re-socialization of citizens released from the places of deprivation of liberty, which go to the forefront in the criminal policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as the idea of the highest value of the person, his dignities, rights and freedoms, regardless of any differences, is the world-view basis of social harmony, the guarantee of civil peace and internal political stability. The rights and natural interests of the person as the unifying element of the national idea should ensure the law and order and national security of Kazakhstan. The article deals with topical issues on the re-socialization of citizens released from places of deprivation of liberty defined in the concept of legal policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The relevance is consisted in the changing the response of the penal correction system to the problems of the implementation of punishment and providing the re-socializing principles at the whole stage of the presence of persons in the orbit of the penal correction system. Particular relevance in modern conditions is the solution of the tasks: protection of the social rights of persons who have served criminal sentence; carrying out a wide range of preventive and other social-legal measures aimed at creating conditions for the effective social rehabilitation and adaptation of the convicted persons to normal living conditions after release. The adaptation of former convicts is not only the task for the bodies of the penal correction system. Comprehensive cooperation of all authorized governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations can help in this complex issue. 

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