Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Protection of the Subjective Copyrights (on Example of Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Germany)

Author(s): Madi Elyubayev, Tanat Kanatov, Gulden Seisembaeva, Daniyar Nurmukhanbet, Marat Zholumbaev, Laura Satybaldi, Erbol Baizhanov, Dinara Mussipova, Inara Kuanyshpekova

Copyright is an integral part of human rights and freedoms. Currently, copyright is being actively developed in developing countries, such as the Republic of Kazakhstan. This process is conditioned primarily by the fact that the existing legislation is not able to resolve all possible legal situations related to copyright. Thus, research is devoted to the protection of copyrights (on example of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Germany). Such a comparison will allow us to consider how the copyright has developed in the post-Soviet space and to compare the result with the European law. The methodological basis involves a set of complementary research methods, including: methods of logical and system analysis, historical-legal and comparative-legal analysis. We also used modern achievements in the field of civil legal science. The analysed sources involved the local and international legislative acts in the sphere of copyright regulation. Thus, we have considered the main provisions on the copyright of Kazakhstan, Russia and Germany. We have determined the similarities between the legal provisions of Russia and Kazakhstan, largely based on the legacy of the Soviet Union. This article necessitates the reforms in the sphere of copyright on the example of Russia and Germany.

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