Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Protection of Workers in a Health Sector against Occupational Diseases during Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Author(s): Asri Wijayanti & Satria Unggul Wicaksana Prakasa

The health sector who are at risk of contracting Covid-19. This research aimed to examine the form of legal protection for workers in the health sector for occupational diseases during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia and their legal remedies. This legal research is normative with a statute approach. The results showed that the workers in the health sector consisting of doctors, nurses, other health workers and non-health workers who work in health service facilities. It really needed the legal protection in the form of guarantees for protection of their lives from the dangers of Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia through statutory regulations that categorize Covid-19 as a form of occupational disease. The workers diagnosed with occupational disease that based on a doctor's certificate was entitled to work accident benefits even though the employment relationship has ended. Even though each worker had understood the risks of work and worked according to safety procedures. The criteria for occupational diseases originating from Covid-19 must be based on the relationship between COVID-19 pandemic and work carried out by health workers, non-health workers and non-health workers. The workers who work in health service facilities. The form of guarantee provided by the state to workers who suffer from Covid-19 pandemic as a work-related disease that got the treatment according to medical needs until recovery. The funding is borne by the central government through Health Social Security Agency. Receive compensation in the form of money and disability benefits. The resulting recommendation revised the scope of the subject receiving occupational disease insurance in the form of covid-19 to be broader not limited to workers in the health sector.

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