Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Research of Human Capital and Its Potential Management on the Example of Regions of the Russian Federation

Author(s): Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin, Rustam Ilfarovich Sharafutdinov, Vladislav Olegovych Gerasimov, Irina Sergeevna Dmitrieva, Aidar Sultangalievich Puryaev, Evgeny Andreevich Ivanov, Natalia Mikhailovna Miheeva

The value of human capital, its potential, as well as the main components forming the human capital, are studied herein. A methodology for human capital assessment, contributing to the formation of various development programs for the regions of the Russian Federation aimed at improving the social and economic well-being, is proposed by the authors. The importance of human capital as a factor of economic growth, through the increase in labour performance, generation and implementation of new concepts and innovations, is revealed in this paper.

The dialectical and systemic approaches constitute the methodological basis of the study. The study is based on a wide use of analysis and synthesis methods, factor and statistical analyses.

As a result of the assessment conducted by the authors, a consolidated index of human capital management in the regions of the Russian Federation was formed and the programs for the development and enhancement of the intellectual and innovative potentials of human capital were developed.

The obtained results make it possible to supplement the existing research in the field of human capital formation, in particular, in the field of interaction with the intellectual and innovative potential. The practical significance of the research is to formulate the recommendations for improving human capital management in the regions and developing the conditions required to conduct the innovative and scientific activity.