Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Re-Socialization of Convicted Persons: Stages and Methods

Author(s): Maksym Kalatur, Yuryi Levchenko, Tetiana Myroniuk, Valentyna Hrankina, Yevhenii Huzenko

Description: The aim of the article is to study the key principles of forensic provisions, on which the effective implementation of the program of re-socialization for convicted persons is based both during the entire period of serving their sentences and at the initial stage after release. The subject of the study is some aspects of the re-socialization of convicts in Ukraine. Methodology: Research methods are chosen taking into account the object, subject, Purpose of the Study: The study used general and special methods of legal science. In particular, the methodological foundations of the study are the following scientific methods: dialectical method, structural method, the methods of classification and grouping, logical and semantic method, hermeneutic method. The Results of the Study: The study proposed a vision of the strategy, ways and mechanisms of re-socialization of convicted persons both during the entire period of their imprisonment and at the initial stage after release. Practical Implications: It has been established that the means and methods of correction and re-socialization of convicts shall be applied taking into account the type of punishment, the identity of the convict, the nature, degree of public danger and motives of the committed criminal offense and the behavior of the convict while serving the sentence. Value/Originality: This article discusses a range of issues related to the process of correction of convicts; in particular, it is devoted to the socio and legal concept of resocialization of the convicted persons. Attention is also paid to certain factors that hinder the achievement of the goal of correction and re-socialization of convicts. Particular emphasis is placed on the description of the concept of “re-socialization of convicted persons”, stages and methods of re-socialization. A lot of works of leading scholars in the area of penal law are analyzed.

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